Convention endorses Soli Alper, Maria Poblet, Paola Laverde, James Chang and John Selawsky,

On Sunday afternoon, April 22, Berkeley progressives
turned out to select a Rent Board Slate for the 2018
election. The event was held at the Sport Basement on
Milvia Street. A coalition of members of progressive
groups organized the convention, where attendees
heard from seven qualified candidates, all folks with a
solid history of tenant advocacy.
Soli Alpert, a UCB junior, and four incumbents, James
Chang, Maria Poblet, Paola Laverde and John Selawsky,
were the top vote getters. They will run together for the
open seats on Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board for the
November 2018 ballot.
Look for more information about how to support the
Rent Board campaign in coming weeks.

Photos from the 2016 Convention

The line to get in stretched down the street.

The line to get in stretched down the street.

Igor Tregub (with Judy Shelton)

Igor Tregub (with Judy Shelton)

Leah SImon-Weisberg (with daughter)

Leah Simon-Weisberg (with daughter)

Christina Murphy

Christina Murphy

Alejandro Soto-Vigil

Alejandro Soto-Vigil


All Photos by Christine Schwartz




Councilman Anderson at the Convention

Councilman Anderson at the Convention

2016 T Con Ballot

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And the Winner Is…

…the People of Berkeley!

Photo by Christine Schwartz

Photo by Christine Schwartz

With too many good candidates to choose from, the 2016 Convention had a record turnout of 267 voters plus a number of nonBerkeley residents (who could not vote) who came to watch the fireworks. And oh! what fireworks there were to see! But none of them came from the candidates, who all conducted themselves with decorum quite lacking in some of their supporters.

It is with great joy that we announce an unbeatable protenant slate for the 2016 election: Christina Murphy, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Igor Tregub, and Leah Simon-Weisberg. Poki Namkung came in fifth, just six votes behind Leah, so we chose to do a re-count just to make sure. But we were right the first time, indeed.

Hurray for all!

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Screening Results


Screener-Chart-2016Click on the picture for a larger chart, or use this PDF:

Screener Chart 2016

Screener Comments are here (PDF):

FINALcomments 2016 screeners

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12 Candidates Respond

Responses from 10 candidates for the affordable housing convention slate have been posted! Two candidates who have said they are seeking nomination at the convention next week did not submit responses.

Ratings from community screeners will be posted later this week on the same page.

Calling All Candidates!

Volunteers Count the Votes

Volunteers Count the Votes

Tenants and other Berkeley residents who support Rent Control are seeking candidates for the November 2016 Rent Board election.

There are four seats on the November ballot. There are three incumbents who may be running: Judy Hunt, who ran on the landlord-supported slate in 2012, plus Asa Dodsworth and Alejandro Soto-Vigil, who were both elected on the Convention Slate.

All who support rent control and strong tenant protections are welcome to seek selection as a convention candidate!

All 2016 candidates will be vetted and chosen by the Tenants Convention taking place on Sunday April 24th at the South Berkeley Senior Center, at 2939 Ellis Street in South Berkeley. The time hasn’t been set, but it will probably be from 1:30 to 5 pm. Knowledge of and experience with rent control, eviction protections, and other tenants issues is not mandatory, but is certainly a plus for candidates.


Screener Chart 2014

Screening by representatives from community groups takes place in early April, so candidates should get in touch as soon as possible!

Questionnaires will be sent to candidates and posted on this website in late March; ratings will be based on the questionnaire as well as follow-up interviews. Ratings and comments from community leaders are provided to convention voters to help guide their choices.

Anyone interested in seeking election should contact berkeleytenantconvention [at] g mail dot com

Candidates, please visit this page.

Save the date: 2016 Tenant Convention


Save the date: Sunday, April 24 will be the 2016 Tenant Convention.

Candidates interested in running for Rent Board should contact us now.

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2016 Planning Meeting

The first planning meeting for the 2016 convention will be held January 27th. Contact to get involved. Like BTU on Facebook to stay up to date.

2016 Planning Meeting
South Berkeley Library
Wednesday January 27, 2016
5:45-7 PM

The Berkeley Tenant Convention to choose a progressive slate for election to the Rent Stabilization Board is a unique Berkeley tradition. Every two years, numerous community leaders and tenant activists come together to create a gathering whereby tenants and their allies select the most qualified candidates to represent the progressive agenda as elected Rent Board Commissioners.

An Artistic View of the Convention

Sketches by Alfred Twu,


Your 2014 Rent Board Slate

The 2014 Pro-Rent Control Slate

The 2014 Pro-Rent Control Slate, From Left to Right: Jesse Townley , Katherine Harr, John Selawsky, Paola Laverde-Levine, James Chang

From Left to Right: Jesse Townley , Katherine Harr, John Selawsky, Paola Laverde-Levine, James Chang

From Left to Right:

Jesse Townley
Commissioner of Berkeley Rent Board*

Katherine Harr
Vice Chair of Berkeley Rent Board*

John Selawsky
Former President of Berkeley School Board*

Paola Laverde-Levine
Activist, Interpreter, & Videographer*

James Chang
Former Vice President of Berkeley Student Cooperative*

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only