2018 Candidate Questionnaire Responses

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2018 Rent Stabilization Board Candidate Questionnaire

1.     Tell us something about yourself and why you have decided to consider running for Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner.

2.     How much time are you able to devote as a Commissioner? Are your hours flexible? Can you attend meetings until as late as 11:00 pm? Can you attend a two-hour twice-a-month daytime meeting?

3.     What experience have you had with Berkeley’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, the Rent Board’s staff and the elected Board?

4.    Tell us about at least three issues that you consider important to tenants in Berkeley.

5.     What is the role of Rent Board Commissioners? What powers do they have? What changes do you think should be made in how the Rent Board operates?

6.     What experience do you have organizing tenants? Please describe and include any thoughts you have on how to better engage Berkeley tenants.

7.     Market developers argue that building more market rate multifamily units is the only way to lower the price of housing.  What is your position on this theory? Please discuss your thoughts on how Berkeley can increase the housing available and affordable to tenants living on very limited income such as those living on government benefits, retirement pensions, and others with very limited resources.

8.     Is a pro-tenant Rent Board capable of treating tenants, small, and corporate landlords fairly.

9.     How do you think rent and eviction controls are related to homelessness? Can the Rent Board have any effect on the homeless situation?

10. What do you consider to be your constituency or base of support? What organizations are you affiliated with? What qualities would you bring to the slate.

11. Do you support the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Housing Act? If it were repealed, what changes do you believe Berkeley should make to its Rent Stabilization Ordinance?

12. The Convention asks all candidates to sign a pledge NOT to run against or endorse against the slate the Convention selects. Will you sign it? Do you think that the pledge is important? Do you think it is fair?

13. If you are nominated by the convention, will you agree, in concert with other slate members, to hire a coordinator with full authority to make campaign decisions in consultation with the slate? The slate will retain the power to determine an overall budget and may replace the coordinator by a democratic process.

John Selawsky

Christine Schwartz

María Poblet

Paola Laverde

Stefan Elgstrand

James Chang

Soli Alpert